Game Devs of Color Expo

GDoC asked me to create a title sequence and intermission animations for its annual expo.

The 3-day conference was held online with both live and prerecorded contents, talks and chat rooms alike. Game developers, designers, artists, and students gathered to celebrate and share their projects.

I designed and animated the opening, outro, intermission visuals, logo, and title screens for speakers.

Motion Graphics

Created in 2021

Music credits:
UX Paradise by Tiny Music;
Hanoi Breeze, Saturday Cartoons, Walking Robin, Glass House, and Translate by Schematist



The Process

I pitches 3 storyboards to GDoC - Modern Pop, Cyber Punk, and Cuteness Overload. We finally landed on the direction of Cyber Punk, whose minimalist and futuristic feeling best represents GDoC’s brand.