My Medicine

Brooklyn based musician Seth Clayton invited me to join him on a highly imaginative music video project that involved animation drawn on skin, stop motion, and life action.

Together with director Max Guillen, we concepted, designed, built, and animated the scenes.

Animation and life action

Shot at 110 Studios in Brooklyn, NY 2021

Director - Max Guillen
Music - Seth Clayton
Movement Director and Makeup - Amy Gernux
Assistant Director - Kat Iossa
Drone Operator - Navid Youssefian
Effects Makeup - Kristina Belotskaya
UV Effects - Kristina Kashtanova
Audio Technician - Sam Maurer
Key Grip - Jack Garrity Camera Assistant - Christian Fechtmeyer
Additional Guitar - Charles Myers Additional Vocals - Rebecca Clayton, Ross Perry, Frances Perry-White, Shawn Clayton

A Very Special Thanks To:
Kelly Lawson, Kate Clayton, Rebecca Clayton, Benjamin DeShazo-Couchet, Kristina Kashtanova, Mike Greco, Jason Beard, Ted Henkels, Suzanna Schomaker, Bryan Lund, KT King, Jonathan Sheffer, Morteza Youssefian, Danny Maiuri, Trystin Bailey


Behind the Scene