During my time at Twigeo, I worked on a variety of brand assignments to enrich the visual identiy of the company. Some of my projects below include animation and illustration for the website, social media, and email, beer label design, postcards, as well as a mural for the conference room.

Graphic Design
Animation for Brand

Created in 2018-present

Illustration and animation for website, social media, and email

Beers and Coolers

Mural in the NY office

Original illustration


I have been designing and building new year emails for Twigeo since 2019. Every December, we wrap up the year by summarizing the major events of the ad indsutry and stories about company growth. In 2020, we evaluated the changes and emerging trends in the digital space under the backdrop of a global pandemic. In 2019, the first ever effort to compile such email, we visualized interesting data such as the total impressions generated by Twigeo’s ads and the total amount of pixels Twigeo’s ads covered.